Sod Installation

Say Hello to a Beautiful, Low-Maintenance Instant Lawn

Sod grass can transform a bare or patchy lawn into a beautiful outdoor space in just a matter of weeks, making it a popular choice for property owners who want to enhance their property’s curb appeal quickly and easily.

Sod Laying

What should you expect from our sod installation services?

When you choose our sod installation service, we’ll start by removing your old grass and any debris from your lawn. This gives us a clean slate to work with. Next, we’ll till that area.

After that, we’ll till your soil to allow air, water, and nutrients to penetrate the it. This helps the roots of your new grass grow deeply and become stronger. We do this because soil compaction can prevent healthy root growth.

After that, we’ll add a special soil that has lots of nutrients and organic matter. This creates the perfect environment for your new grass to grow in.

We’ll also add fertilizer to help strengthen the roots of your new grass. This makes it easier for them to absorb water, which reduces the chance of muddy puddles forming on your lawn.

Finally, we’ll install the sod by laying down whole sections one at a time. We’ll make sure each section is perfectly aligned and pressed down to remove any air pockets.

With our sod installation service, you can expect a beautiful and healthy lawn that you’ll love spending time on.

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The Top Benefits of Our Sod Installation Service

When you choose Tenleytown Lawn & Landscape for your sod installation, you’ll know that it’s getting done correctly the first time, so all you need to do is enjoy the benefits.


Don't Just Take Our Word for It

Take it from our clients: they love the way their yards look when we're done with them!

  • We strongly recommend them… Neighbors commented on the crew's hard work and care as they watched the transformation.

  • My old lawn was totally removed, new soil brought in, the ground ameliorated and leveled, and finally new sod put down. I’m ecstatic about the results!

  • We are absolutely delighted with our new front lawn. The crew worked so diligently and thoughtfully on the job; they were very professional, and their expertise was readily apparent.

  • Loved that I could call and talk to someone right away about what I needed. I had sod put down and it looks great.

  • They ALWAYS do a fantastic job, small or large (new landscape, planting, removal, trimming, mulching, weeding, you name it...)

  • Tenleytown Landscaping did an amazing job installing sod and planting trees in our front yard. They were timely, professional and efficient.

  • They have taken great care of my one acre lawn—aeration, overseeding, mowing, planting, pruning, mulch beds, walkways—they’ve done it all! The work is always top notch and my yard and lawn look great—year round!

  • Tenleytown really transformed my backyard into something wonderful. Highly recommend!

  • With lots of trees, a large sloping lawn, multiple beds, and wide areas of hardscape, we had difficulties with prior companies managing the property while paying attention to details. Tenley has shown such care and consistency in their work ensuring our property looks its best.

  • Case Studies

    See case studies of some of the lawns we've created for our clients.

    Rather than brag, we prefer to show receipts. Have a look at some of our case studies to see some of the work we’ve done.

  • Sod Installation at a Beautiful Chevy Chase Property

    This client in Chevy Chase had plenty of front and rear yard space that they wanted sodded. 1,200 sq ft to be exact. We took care of it, no problem.
    1438 013
  • Sod Installation in Tenleytown

    "I need to sell my house, it’s going on the market next week! I need my sod replaced, can you do it?" Indeed, we did. 💪 See how things turned out.
    1448 027
  • Cleveland Park Refresher

    We cleaned, laid sod, mulched, planted flowers, and did some hardscaping to breathe life into this Cleveland Park home's front and rear yards.
    1393 005
  • Chevy Chase Sod Installation & Walkway Restoration

    We cleaned, laid sod, and restored this client's broken front walkway and stairs in Chevy Chase.
    Chevy Chase Sod Installation, Walkway Repair, and Spring Cleanup (After)
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    Holy Redeemer College Summer Clean-Up (After)
    Holy Redeemer College Summer Clean-Up (After)

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