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We've been serving Upper Northwest DC, Bethesda, Chevy Chase, and portions of Potomac and Northern VA for over 23 years.

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Who We Are

Our rockstar team sticks with you week after week. Pretty soon, you'll be on a first-name basis with them, just like our other clients!

Lisa Yost
Lisa Yost Galvin


Lisa is honored to be at the helm of Peter’s business and hopes to tap into the luck of her Irish blood as she fills his big footsteps! She loves rock climbing, skiing, practicing medicine, and Peter. Probably not in that order.

Team 2 Jessica S Headshot
Jessica S.

Client Relations

Jessica’s job is to work with you and the team to envision, plan, and create a landscape design just for you. She makes sure it gets done! When she is not at work, she loves hiking, nature and cooking with her two beautiful children.

Geraldo B., Special Projects Lead
Gerardo B.


Gerardo is our foreman and has been a valued team member at Tenleytown for over a decade. He is not just a landscape technician; he is an artist, always looking for ways to bring beauty to each project. When not working, you can find him doting over his youngest daughter or biking in Rock Creek Park.

Santos A., Senior Maintenance Lead
Santos A.

Senior Maintenance Lead

Santos is our certified perfectionist. He is the team lead for our maintenance crew and will not deem the job complete until the property meets the highest standards. Santos has now been with us for over a decade and is proud to serve our clients in the DC, Virginia and Maryland area. When Santos is not working, you’ll find him playing fútbol or enjoying the beautiful outdoors.

Team 5 Virginia V Headshot
Virginia V,


Virginia is one of those amazing humans who makes sense in the universe with numbers. When she is not keeping our books, you can find her rock climbing, fishing or concocting a salve from local foliage.

Team 6 Veronica C Headshot
Veronica C.

Office Administrator

We love having Veronica at the epicenter of Tenleytown operations. Call into our offices and she’s the one to answer your questions! When not at work she’s the mom, chauffeur and teacher for two very busy children.

Team 7 Jeanni G Headshot
Jeanni G.

Chief Financial Officer

Jeanni is a partner with an accounting firm by day, working long hours as a CFO for several non-profit organizations. By night she volunteers with Tenleytown keeping our finances in order and being our own Ambassador of Quan (love, respect, community and yes, coin).

Team 8 Branna Headshot E1679166454340
Brahna G.

Chief Fertilizer

Branna is our empath. She not only senses what you feel but feels it with you. We try to channel Branna as we work with you. Our goal is to deliver more than beautiful design. Our goal is to deliver beautiful design that speaks to you!

  • Remembering Peter Galvin, Our Founder

    We are Tenleytown. We dedicate our hearts and hands to Peter Galvin, our founder, leader, and friend. Peter worked to beautify the neighborhoods where he grew up. He assembled a dedicated team and built a thriving business, starting with a truck, a lawn mower, integrity, kindness, and hard work. We honor Peter’s legacy through our commitment to our clients.

    Rest in peace, Peter.

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