Patio Rebuild and Plantings in Chevy Chase Church Rectory

See how we took a client's old enclosed patio and rebuilt it larger with beautiful flagstone.

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This was a two-part job—our client wanted a new open patio along with plantings for added privacy on the property.

Revitalizing an old enclosed patio into an open gorgeous flagstone space

This patio is in the back of the priest rectory of Shrine of the Most Blessed Sacrament in Chevy Chase. They use it on a daily basis to have coffee outside and sometimes for grilling. They were most looking forward to having a big end of school party with all the students and their families. They look forward to having many gatherings here in the future.

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Inside, the patio stones were becoming uneven, and the surrounding soil eroded:

2133 Before 13

Our client was ready to move on.

They wanted to transform it into an exposed open space with a new flagstone patio to relax on like so:

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Gorgeous plan, right?

Well ultimately, we were able to deliver exactly that:

2133 After 32 Mod

Next, we looked to the edges of the property to add privacy.

While our client desired an open space for the patio, they wanted to maintain a modest level of privacy (without looking too secluded for the local parishioners). So we looked to the edges of the property where the patio was visible from the street to see what we could do.

Before beginning, the visibility looked like this:

2133 Before 19

We proposed some plantings like so for a friendly but private aesthetic:

2133 3d 02

Ultimately, we achieved the desired outcome:

2133 After 37 Mod
2133 After 35 Mod

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