Patio and Front Yard Makeover in Chevy Chase

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We designed and installed a stone patio on the side of the main walkway in the front yard. To ensure that the patio lasts a long time, we excavated 3-4 inches to create a sturdy base of stone dust. Then, we carefully set the large landscaping stones in an oval or circular pattern, taking into account the client’s preferences and style. The dimensions of the patio were about 120sqft, creating an area for outdoor relaxation and entertaining.

We also installed a small walkway from the patio to the existing walkway that leads to the front door. This walkway served as a seamless connection between different elements in the front yard, creating a visually appealing and functional landscape design.

Around the new patio, we installed a variety of plants that added color, texture, and dimension to the area. We planted different colors and sizes of hostas, five black-eyed Susans and pink cone flowers, one blue Arrow Rush, and sixty Ajuga, creating an impressive and diverse display of plant life.

In addition to the patio and plants, we also reorganized and transplanted the existing front plants to complement the new landscape. We removed the shrubs closest to the house, which cleared up space and allowed for more natural light to reach the newly planted flowers and greenery.

To complete the project, we cleaned up the entire front yard by power washing, mulching, and removing all landscaping debris from the property. The end result was a stunning landscape design that created an inviting and welcoming look for the client’s home. We were thrilled to provide this exceptional service for our client, and we look forward to designing and creating more beautiful landscapes in the future.

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Holy Redeemer College Summer Clean-Up (After)
Holy Redeemer College Summer Clean-Up (After)

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