Backyard Patio in Friendship Heights

See how we took a debris-ridden backyard and converted the entire thing into a gorgeous terrace.

Backyard Patio in Friendship Heights (After)


This was one of our favorite projects to work on.

First, a little background…

Our client bought this property in late October 2022, and has had his elderly father living with him—who walks with a cane.

It has a large backyard with a lot of potential for a beautiful outdoor space.

Just have a look at what we were working with (picture taken after debris was cleared):

Recently cleared backyard in Washington, DC (Friendship Heights).

It’s not a pretty picture, but you can do a lot with that…

…and we did…

So, what did our client have in mind for his new, spacious backyard?

Everyone wants something beautiful, but that wasn’t even his highest priority…

Of utmost importance was safety and accessibility for his elderly father.

His father deserved an easy and enjoyable experience moving about the yard without suffering any falls from uneven ground surfaces or debris.

Our client also felt that the stairs were taking up more space than they needed to, and plans to replace them with a lower-profile stairwell at a later date.

Finally, he wanted a retaining wall to sit down on and display a garden.

After discussing his needs, we did a 3D render of what we were planning, and he got really excited after seeing what we came up with:

3D rendering of a completed project to convert a backyard into a patio terrace in Washington DC (Friendship Heights).
3D rendering of a completed project to convert a backyard into a patio terrace in Washington DC (Friendship Heights).

We know, we know… it’s only 3D, but imagine walking out onto your deck first thing in the morning to catch sunrise with a coffee in hand, and looking right below you and seeing this beautiful terrace!

And yes, it’s beautiful, but before going any further, ask yourself…

Who do you know that can show up for you, capture your dream in a 3D rendering, and then match it 1-to-1 in real life?

We might know someone…

This is just a sample of the finished product:

Final result of a completed project to convert a backyard into a patio terrace in Washington DC (Friendship Heights).

And that’s not all. Have a look at some before-and-afters below.

Before-and-After Gallery

Click or tap on any of the images below to view, then use the arrows to switch between the before and after pictures.

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