Backyard in Kensington MD (Pt 3): Drainage Solution

We resolved a drainage issue that was causing erosion at this client's property in Kensington, MD

End result of a flagstone walkway built in Kensington, MD. Angle shows walkway meeting backyard patio.


This project was a big one. So large in fact that we had to break it up into multiple posts for brevity:

While play-spaces for children and custom patios and walkways are great for our clients’ properties, drainage requires attention as well.

Our client’s property was on a slope. Their front yard was higher than their backyard, and water runoff was causing erosion in the backyard and all sorts of problems for their house. This is typically an issue of grading.

You can see the grading issue in these two “before” pictures of the property:

Backyard in Kensington, MD. Pictured is a grading issue causing water to run into the backyard and erode the soil.
A backyard in Kensington MD before installation of a walkway and patio. Angle shows both side yard and backyard with rear deck.

Before we began construction of the walkway in part one of this series of posts, we created an extensive drainage solution to resolve the issue using ~120 feet of PVC pipe from the front yard through the back:

955 Before 36
Resolving a drainage issue in a backyard in Kensington, MD.

Once we were finished, we built the walkway and restored the yard on top as seen in part one.

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