Backyard in Kensington MD (Pt 2): Making a Safer Backyard

Our client wanted a safe play-space for their child to play in. So we removed dangerous and invasive bamboo to make room for that.

Backyard in Kensington, MD after extending it and getting rid of invasive bamboo.


This project was a big one. So large in fact that we had to break it up into multiple posts for brevity:

Our client had a young child, and they wanted to overhaul their backyard for safety (and fun).

Their child liked to run and play in the backyard, so they wanted to extend it to make it larger.

But there was one issue…

Dangerous and invasive bamboo.

While pretty, bamboo spreads on its own (regardless of property lines), and sometimes even puts out noxious chemicals that are poisonous to humans. This stifled the backyard’s potential for a safe play area.

Bamboo in a backyard in Kensington, MD.

Here’s a closeup…

955 Before 08

Our client wanted that rear fence and all of the bamboo behind it removed up to their property line to make way for their child’s new play area.

So we hopped in the truck and took care of it…

Preparing to remove invasive bamboo from a backyard in Kensington, MD.

We even installed a 3-foot bamboo barrier to keep the leftovers from the neighboring property at bay.

The end result?

A longer, beautiful backyard for this client’s child to play in.

Backyard in Kensington, MD after extending it and getting rid of invasive bamboo.

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